We are a team of professionals specialised in the design and development of computer systems, web architectures and scalable user experiences.

Taking the path of Information Technology was a simple decision for us: it was our greatest passion. And yet, today we have a more ambitious goal that leads us forward in the realm of innovation, we aim at transforming our customers’ perception of digital technologies from being a complex problem to deal with to becoming a valuable asset for their business.

Our approach is focused on what matters the most to our partners. We are constantly working to ensure integrity, empathy, respect for individuals and continuous up-skilling, which we consider to be the fundamental characteristics for being ‘Greenmicers’.

We have the ambition to make simple what looks complex, thanks to the cutting-edge methodologies and tools we employ. We design solutions tailored to the needs of our Partners, guaranteeing concrete and reliable results quickly and at a fair price. All this combined with the advanced engineering, elegant design and attention to details which are typical features of Italian products worldwide.