We offer development services for the Internet of Things, designing customized applications that exploit the power of interconnected devices in order to improve business processes by enhancing them with the latest products and technologies. Our solutions allow you to track and communicate with devices using standard or ad hoc protocols, while at the same time guaranteeing high security standards thanks to end-to-end encryption at all the connection points. We extend existing IoT business and consumer solutions, transforming connected devices and gadgets into valuable resources, monitoring and managing crucial data.

Board Prototyping and IoT Platforms

We use boards based on third-party microcontrollers, System on Chip (SOC) cards, Single-board Computers (SBC) and specially designed cards with Wi-Fi, cellular and Ethernet interfaces to quickly create IoT prototypes with a back-end based on the cloud as a secure gateway to interact with the device through a modern API and develop Web services around it. We use pre-configured third-party platforms to accelerate IoT project development. By employing open and flexible solutions, we connect a wide range of existing devices and gadgets or prototypes through these platforms and integrate them with existing business systems to help our partners make the most of data and information.

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IoT Data Analytics

The proliferation of low-cost Internet connectivity has led to a huge quantity of data being processed every day. In today’s interconnected world, from social networking activities, to websites, to the sensors of an aerodynamic plan or to the production management systems, the data quantity is so large that the term to describe this environment has come to be known as “Big Data”. The amount of information that we would be suppose to manage is so massive that often we are discouraged to make any use of it at all. At Greenmice, we create business intelligence tools that provide you with the ability to control significant amount of information by analyzing the data generated by devices connected to an IoT platform. These devices create customized systems and cloud infrastructures that acquire and analyze real-time information generated by sensors and gadgets.

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