We are passionate about technology and we always invest in researching and exploring cutting-edge domains such as IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. By applying futuristic business models, these technologies are rapidly and profoundly re-defining the shape of the IT market. We provide our Partners with the chance to join this wave of innovation, accompanying strategically their entire decision-making process while also making practical use of our consultancy skills. The actual implementation of the agreed solutions and initial hypotheses can be validated through a digital kickstart or by developing a proof of concept, in order to develop a prototype able to fulfill the customers’ needs.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things or IoT is now a well-known technological keyword. This rapidly expanding infrastructure connects millions of smart devices to the Internet, capturing even the smallest fragment of sensitive information for storage and future use. The IoT promises to open up a myriad of new possibilities for businesses and ordinary people. The data collected from many devices can help gather information on aspects such as the maintenance of machines or machine parts, the shelf life of materials or temperature control. We fully understand the importance of the IoT so we have successfully incorporated it into our offerings as part of the Digital Transformation efforts.


Built on the foundations of distributed and decentralised networks, Blockchain technology has shown immense potential to revolutionise traditional businesses. One of the biggest advantages of Blockchain-based solutions is data security. A Blockchain structure guarantees that the data stored in the distributed registers is not manipulated. In the case of processes that involve the exchange of sensitive information between internal and external stakeholders and in which trust and data security are of fundamental importance, the solutions based on Blockchain take on a broader meaning. As part of our innovation effort we have collaborated with companies and startups in strategies aimed at adopting Blockchain technology.

Consulting Services

The advent of mobile technology supported by Cloud and Analytics promises to provide insights into user behavior, paving the way for even more engaging innovations. The traditional method of doing business will no longer suffice. Digital transformation requires expert guidance that can help companies achieve the right goals through the most optimal path. We are the ideal partner to successfully track the new path in digital by adopting new and better ways of developing software.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data has become a strategic resource for many companies in a variety of sectors. More and more efficient operations are based on effective use of large amounts of structured and unstructured data. Data from internal databases or other sources can acquire significant value and ensure competitive advantages. With the exponential growth of data, it becomes problematic to process them using database management tools or traditional data processing applications. We have contributed to designing and developing business analysis and solutions for those of our Partners who were trying to use effectively large quantities of structured and unstructured data coming from various sources, by combining a broad multi-sectorial experience with an innovative approach to the development of archiving, analysis and processing of Big Data.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We believe that modern machine learning (AI) and artificial intelligence technologies have the potential to revolutionise the software industry and beyond. In fact, they will be able to transform the lives of individuals and companies in the most diverse environments, from the health sector to digital marketing, just to name a few. We are helping companies to automate processes and prioritise routine decisions through advanced algorithms. This helps to remove the possibility of human error and allows us to move traditional rule-based processes to smarter ones, aimed at significantly improving business productivity, reducing costs and increasing ROI.