There are many technological challenges that a modern company faces. The need to grow bigger, the competition coming from new markets, the ever-increasing quality level required by customers – these factors all entail an increase in the complexity of company processes and encourage the use of a more modern approach to dealing with Information Technology.

Managing changes or system updates can be very expensive both from an economic and time-consuming point of view. The advanced use of ad hoc software solutions allows companies to face these challenges effectively and reasonably. Greenmice Technologies has the necessary skills to be able to intervene in these processes by providing IT consulting solutions on a wide range of domains, from the development and maintenance of new applications to the modernisation of existing ones, from data analysis to the improvement of the user experience.

Application Development and Maintenance

Today’s businesses must respond to the changing needs of rapidly changing markets; the driver of this change is often technology. The speed of adaptation also depends on the readiness with which the software solutions can adapt coherently to the new requirements. Technologies such as Web, Cloud, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data have made the development of business software much more agile and focused on user needs. We help our Partners to unlock their value through targeted and participatory software development methodologies that incorporate emerging technologies, keeping the focus on the domain in which they operate.

Software Testing and QA

We attach great importance to the quality of our software products. We believe that our partners deserve superior software to support their business and we are consistent in maintaining the highest quality standards. We have gained significant experience working side-by-side with our Partners to create error-free software, eliminating the need for cost to resolve issues after release. We constantly strive to develop more reliable and efficient systems that meet performance expectations. We also provide independent testing and validation services for software products companies.

Modernization of Legacy Applications

Legacy applications can be a big burden for companies’ IT budgets. High costs of ordinary and evolutionary maintenance, poor flexibility to adapt to changing business needs, difficult user experience are some of the reasons why companies should update and modernise their internal applications. We have the necessary experience to give new life to mature software systems through re-platforming and re-engineering. Our trust comes from the fact that we have developed and maintained business applications from diversified and heterogeneous flows. As a team of innovators, architects and designers, we are at the side of our partners to manage and transform business solutions.

Technology Consulting

Companies, thanks to digital technologies, tend to rely on an IT partner able to meet the innovation requirements of the entire process spectrum of their domain. Based on the needs of our Partners and thanks to in-depth skills in the sector, we provide the support needed to make the most appropriate decisions, to improve performance levels and accompany them in the growth of their business. The technological consultancy services we provide help to gain new market shares, guarantee a better user experience and improve productivity by using the right technological solutions.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

A data-driven company relies on the information provided by its operational data to identify the critical issues on which to focus and how to solve problems or even anticipate them. To do this you need the support of an expert partner able to extract and unlock the business value deriving from enormous volumes of operational data. We follow well-established practices of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics that allow us to work in line with the objectives of our Partners, transforming data into information and information into knowledge in order to make profitable decisions on which to base our strategy and guide the decision-making process towards better results.