The world of startups has had a significant boost in recent times, driven by a market increasingly inclined to look for specific and innovative solutions. Always attentive to the developments of this area, we actively support startups that passionately aim at producing positive social changes. Their perseverance in achieving this noble result is truly commendable. Our IT services aim to help these companies to reach their own desires, supporting them in the phases of product conception, prototyping, software development, testing and maintenance. We are extremely satisfied to have made our part in boosting the growth of various start-ups. Thanks to our experience in agile development, combined with the latest product development methodologies, we guarantee that a brilliant idea will become a product with greater chances of achieving market success than any other standard software solution.

Product Development

It is often not an easy task for a start-up with a great idea to find a solution for redefining its market in the real world. Greenmice Technologies collaborates with different startups, often creating products that have made their presence relevant on the market. We believe that the best strategy is to bring the product to the market as soon as possible, having all the required features just ready for that particular time.

Design and UI / UX Development

We understand that UI / UX remains at the center of the development of apps for mobile or web smart devices. Any strategy that does not take this into account brings with it the greater likelihood of lower user adoption rates. This is especially true for start-ups that need a user-friendly application that is also visually appealing. Greenmice Technologies has design and development skills in User Experience (UX) that are fundamental for keeping the end user happy with the product. As a consulting partner, we offer a totally different perspective when compared to the classic and outdated design process.

Testing and QA

We fully understand that IT startups – more than anyone – have to face the challenge of developing quality and reliable software products to ensure the lowest risk of failure. Our testing services include the full range of validation processes for software products, including faster and more efficient automated testing methods. With our experience we support our Partners in smoothly releasing features through a suite of targeted and widespread tests.

Maintenance and Support

Once a successful product is conceived and put on the market, it must be maintained and supported to gain the trust of users. Startups, more than anyone else, need ongoing support services for their software solutions. Application downtime is not recommended for any business. To get ROI on software investment, startups need to make sure their products always work well. We plan in detail with our Partners the support and assistance strategies most suited to their needs, dealing directly with monitoring product performances and providing a timely management of the incidents.

Product life cycle management

We work with startups to give them maximum support at any stage of a software product’s life cycle. We focus on end-to-end product engineering services that include the development, enhancement and maintenance of software products, including reengineering and retirement, thus maintaining their competitive nature on the market and ensuring the best user experience.