Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment designed to create applications that use server-side Javascript. It is used to develop dynamic and scalable, realtime and data-intensive applications for multiple platforms to make them work quickly and efficiently. It offers fast data processing and high performance; there is a wide range of libraries and frameworks available that simplify the development process and help us create high-level applications for our customers. We can help you create dynamic, high-performance web systems that are adapted for multiple platforms. Node.js is the best solution for real-time web software, so it is a perfect option for messaging, collaboration or streaming multimedia content applications. Node.js is the perfect solution for start-ups as it allows reduce development costs by creating scalable applications available on many systems. One of the advantages of creating a cross-platform app with Node.js is that it provides fast data processing; therefore, your apps will work quickly and uniformly on all platforms. It is very useful because the development process is faster and requires less expenses. If you already have an existing system on Node.js, we can also help you identify and fix any bugs that may be hiding inside your code. We have worked on many projects, and we can handle any kind of problem affecting your system.

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Angular can significantly simplify the development process by synchronizing models and views. It is flexible and allows developers to reduce the amount of code while extending the functionality of the existing HTML code, which allows us to create much more powerful applications. With the simplicity of the coding offered by Angular, we quickly complete projects that are well-tested and ready to run on various platforms. We provide support to ensure that any problem could be immediately resolved. We perform feasibility studies and update existing projects to the latest version of the framework (currently at version 7.0). We constantly study and test the latest technology trends that can help you migrate your app or website without losing quality and preserving the main features of your system.

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React is a popular front-end development tool that was originally created for Facebook. It is a JavaScript library designed to simplify the development process and improve the user experience. The main feature of React is the possibility to create user interfaces for single page apps using JavaScript. We provide a range of services that use this technology to create user-friendly, stable and feature-rich software. React is suitable for both web and mobile development, so we can help you create appealing applications with an exceptional and fluid UI / UX regardless of the platform or device it is running on. We develop easy-to-use and scalable applications to improve the quality of work in companies by bringing production processes to an high level of quality.

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Ionic is an open source project supported by a large community, which allows the development of applications for mobile platforms using web languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, maintaining a native look and feel for iOS and Android. Ionic applications are particularly suitable for projects that should reach the widest audience in the shortest possible time. Of course Ionic applications also have access to the operating system functions of the device that hosts them, including geolocation, push notifications, camera or gyroscope and can be normally published and downloaded through the app store. Ionic also provides an entire library of user interface components (such as input modules, lists or types of navigation etc.) allowing you to save valuable development time. Ionic is the most widespread framework of web-based hybrid apps, it significantly increases the performance and user experience of hybrid apps by enabling the development of mobile apps for iOS, Android and browsers with a single basic code. We are great admirers of the Ionic Framework (currently at version 4) from the first beta version. Whether it is a mobile or a web app, Ionic guarantees a streamlined and efficient development process. Our many years of experience in web languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript allows us to provide expertise and support from the conceptualization to the design and development of the application, up to the publication on the app stores.

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React Native

React Native is a technology developed by Facebook that has quickly become one of the most widely used for the development of multi-platform applications. It allows you to develop iOS and Android apps using a single programming language, Javascript, without sacrificing performance and user experience. The idea is simple: the entire business logic for iOS and Android is developed in the same programming language as the user interface, using the elements of the native interface of the system on which the application is executed. This saves time, ensuring efficiency and maintainability, generating completely native products that do not differ from native apps in the user experience. React Native combines the advantages of native app development with the power and agility of the React environment. The development process is considerably accelerated. As a software product company, we are completely focused on hybrid and cross-platform app development.

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Electron is an open source project managed by GitHub for the creation of multiplatform desktop applications, thanks to which it is possible to create native applications with web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Electron uses Chromium and Node.js in order to create an app with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux, the Electron apps are built and run on three platforms. The main advantage of this approach lies in the fact that Electron allows you to focus on the core of the application rather than on configuration problems and compatibility with various systems to which the application is destined. The main idea behind the development of desktop apps with JavaScript is to implement the application logic independently of the platform and then package everything separately for each operating system; this represents a considerable advantage, also from a maintenance point of view. We have a solid experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Node.js, thanks to which we are able to create unique applications, always guaranteeing the highest level of reliability and stability.

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