Maps and GIS Services

Geographic information and geolocation-based services are becoming pervasive in many applications. Web or mobile applications are a great way to provide map and GIS functionality to a large user base, either internally to expand access to geographic information or externally to share information with customers, partners and the public. Well-designed web mapping applications that operate on a wide range of devices and screen sizes can be delivered quickly using configurable application templates. Application and map data can be delivered internally using GIS server technology or can be hosted in the cloud, eliminating the need for costly IT infrastructure and server software. Whether it’s a simple web application with built-in maps or a more complex GIS web application, we have gained many years of experience in designing, configuring and developing web-based mapping solutions for small and large users. In addition to helping in the design and development of web mapping applications, we can contribute by providing support over server technology, including proven corporate GIS platform solutions from vendors like Google and Bing or open source alternatives. We can also fully host the solution in the cloud or provide a hybrid strategy adding cloud technology to your infrastructure.

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MongoDB is an open source object oriented NoSQL database. It’s simple, scalable, and offers high performance and it’s easy to implement and use. Unlike traditional relational databases (eg MySQL), it stores data in an unstructured format. Thanks to its structure without schema, MongoDB offers high availability, high performance and automatic scalability. With these features, the database significantly accelerates data recovery and the whole development process. Thanks to its high performances and data accessibility, MongoDB is able to process a high volume of simultaneous requests while maintaining uninterrupted and rapid operations. MongoDB is a practical tool for developing websites and web applications. We create fast and powerful web portals for high-traffic and big-data applications that require fast information retrieval and processing. Thanks to this tool, we are able to provide multi-user applications that work quickly and without interruptions.

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