We create large-scale mobile solutions securely integrated with databases, applications and business systems. Rapid, transparent, time and cost efficient development are the characteristics that form the basis of our attitude towards any project. Our proven HTML development experience allows us to create hybrid mobile applications that will work on any device or platform. Those who choose us for their needs for developing customised mobile applications are certain that the end result, regardless of the technology on which it is based, will be secure, scalable and sustainable in any environment it is hosted. We create applications that work like native ones while maintaining the same look and feel and ensuring the widest coverage of mobile devices and platforms. We combine the specific possibilities of various platforms with HTML5 to create powerful agnostic solutions for devices for different brands and models of mobile devices.

Maps and GIS Services

Geographic information and geolocation-based services are becoming pervasive in many applications. Web or mobile applications are a great way to provide map and GIS functionality to a large user base, either internally to expand access to geographic information or externally to share information with customers, partners and the public. Well-designed web mapping applications that operate on a wide range of devices and screen sizes can be delivered quickly using configurable application templates. Application and map data can be delivered internally using GIS server technology or can be hosted in the cloud, eliminating the need for costly IT infrastructure and server software. Whether it’s a simple web application with built-in maps or a more complex GIS web application, we have gained many years of experience in designing, configuring and developing web-based mapping solutions for small and large users. In addition to helping in the design and development of web mapping applications, we can contribute by providing support over server technology, including proven corporate GIS platform solutions from vendors like Google and Bing or open source alternatives. We can also fully host the solution in the cloud or provide a hybrid strategy adding cloud technology to your infrastructure.

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Ionic is an open source project supported by a large community, which allows the development of applications for mobile platforms using web languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, maintaining a native look and feel for iOS and Android. Ionic applications are particularly suitable for projects that should reach the widest audience in the shortest possible time. Of course Ionic applications also have access to the operating system functions of the device that hosts them, including geolocation, push notifications, camera or gyroscope and can be normally published and downloaded through the app store. Ionic also provides an entire library of user interface components (such as input modules, lists or types of navigation etc.) allowing you to save valuable development time. Ionic is the most widespread framework of web-based hybrid apps, it significantly increases the performance and user experience of hybrid apps by enabling the development of mobile apps for iOS, Android and browsers with a single basic code. We are great admirers of the Ionic Framework (currently at version 4) from the first beta version. Whether it is a mobile or a web app, Ionic guarantees a streamlined and efficient development process. Our many years of experience in web languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript allows us to provide expertise and support from the conceptualization to the design and development of the application, up to the publication on the app stores.

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React Native

React Native is a technology developed by Facebook that has quickly become one of the most widely used for the development of multi-platform applications. It allows you to develop iOS and Android apps using a single programming language, Javascript, without sacrificing performance and user experience. The idea is simple: the entire business logic for iOS and Android is developed in the same programming language as the user interface, using the elements of the native interface of the system on which the application is executed. This saves time, ensuring efficiency and maintainability, generating completely native products that do not differ from native apps in the user experience. React Native combines the advantages of native app development with the power and agility of the React environment. The development process is considerably accelerated. As a software product company, we are completely focused on hybrid and cross-platform app development.

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